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Give Your Meals a Creative Twist to Increase Flavors & Deliciousness

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Give Your Meals a Creative Twist to Increase Flavors & Deliciousness

February 09
14:33 2016

gnocchiNew Delhi, Tuesday, February 9 – Food is all about connecting people. It speaks for itself thanks to inclusion of a number of spices and, most importantly, love without which making anything tempting isn’t possible at all. Some of the creative ideas can help common dishes get a twist and equally taste delicious.

If one has got bored by eating normal potato gravy dishes then why not to eat the same by giving it a totally new appearance and taste. Instead of adding boiled potato into the gravy prepared from onion, ginger, garlic and tomato, make some gnocchi, which is easy to learn, and add the same in delicious curry.

This will require some efforts but that won’t be much as hard work will pay off once one gets the taste of gnocchi in curry.  Apart from sautéing onion, ginger, garlic cloves, green chili and tomato with basic spices like turmeric, coriander power, cumin powder, mace, bay leaves etc, add some roughly chopped mushrooms and brown it till oil separates.

Grind the mixture finely along with a cube of cottage cheese. Now, once again pour the mixture in pan. Taking gnocchi out of boiling water and give it a slightly red-brown texture with frying in butter. Put all of them in the pan and cover it with spice mix and add water as required. Cook it for next two to three minutes and turn the burner off. Sprinkle some greens to let the entire pot look appetizing.

There are more than a few simple methods that can transform a plain dish into absolutely scrumptious ones. Everyone likes receiving appreciation from others and nothing can be good if they receive it for serving them a meal that is divine. The magic is in hands of the food lovers. When someone thinks of bonding with kin over a dinner then one pot meal is a perfect. Balance of flavor and its appearance are going to have great importance.

The knowledge of seasonings is of much use as these being key to elevate entire aroma. Kitchen is a place from where a lot of magical stuffs can be brought on the table. People in this day and age have turned more cautious towards health than what they were a decade ago. Adopt the change as per your wish to help yourself and the family lead a prosperous life, keeping all issues related to health at bay. The major point to notice at this stage is to limit intake of salt and sugar. If proportion of these two ingredients is right then different dishes can be tasted without any worry.

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