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Smile for No Reason to Let Worries Stay at Bay, Says Study

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Smile for No Reason to Let Worries Stay at Bay, Says Study

February 11
14:31 2016

babyNew Delhi, Thursday, February 11 – Whenever one picks the newspaper of the day or opts to watch news channels, headlines about mishaps and tragedies make the heart to sink. Closing eyes to such news is not possible at all. But do these reports not let people think how blessed are they to breathe and plan about several things for a better present and future.

It is a blessing to breathe. It shows you are alive and this is why focus should be on gaining happiness and spreading the same as life is too short. A lot can be learnt from small kids who smile for no reasons. The moment one feels low, he/she can gather momentum to do good by seeing a broad smile on the face of toddlers.

Instead of searching happiness from one place to other, it is far better to keep yourself content by eyeing positivity within you or in the surroundings, says a recent study. Rather than doing things what your heart says aren’t right, it is better to go with what your soul thinks. If painting makes your heart find peace then paint more than a few pictures. Getting creative and artistic will help you stand out amid others and receive appreciation for the work too.

Similar is applicable on hobbies like cooking, singing, gardening, listening to soulful music, teaching, helping those in needs, interacting friends and making remarkable items from waste materials. It is all about dividing your time wisely and not wasting a moment in view of the fact that it’s important to spend it with full of love and compassion. Anything can happen at any stage so instead of having complains, it is far better to be optimistic. Nobody is perfect and makes mistake. Learning lessons from faults made in the past is your growth. If you wish to stay in high spirits then keeping worries at bay is important, the research mentions further.

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