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Be Positive First to Stay Calm in Tough Times and Multiply Happiness, Says Study

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Be Positive First to Stay Calm in Tough Times and Multiply Happiness, Says Study

February 18
14:20 2016

happinessNew Delhi, Thursday, February 18 – Every human being wants to be surrounded by positive people. But before expecting others to spread happiness and positivity, one should try to be happy on his own first. The contentment felt from within imparts major role in multiplying happiness on a daily basis. No matter how educated a person is, if he/she lacks the sense how to tackle with problems in tough times then there is no use of studies pursued in several years.

This even affects peace of mind if things aren’t sorted out by keeping the calm. Ups and downs are parts of life and there is no escape from this at all. It is always better to be pre-prepared for both good and bad happenings. This attitude will help people deal with all sorts of situations without losing patience.

The ratio of positivity can be increased by treating kids with immense love and care. Same is applicable for elderly populace as well. Staying close to nature can bring positive changes in a short span of time. A lot can be learnt from the way birds fly, feed their babies and communicate in own ways that usually get unnoticed on an ordinary day. Plants and trees have their beauties. Colorful flowers give soothe to the eyes that need some comfort through another method apart from sleeping. A latest study mentioned that none can keep his surroundings healthy and happy when feeling sad and lonely from inside. Prior thinking to increase laughter, it is first necessary to feel fulfilled from within.

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