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Select Farm Fresh Veggies to Add to Nutritional Quotient of Food

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Select Farm Fresh Veggies to Add to Nutritional Quotient of Food

March 21
13:19 2016

freshNew Delhi, Monday, March 21 – It is next to impossible for several people to pick best ingredients for cooking and serving a delicious food at the end of the day to family and friends in the present time as everyone seems engaged in some sort of rush. In the fast running life of ours, the old trend of going to a garden and select desired kitchen staples in the metro cities has lost somewhere.

If truth be told then people feel more comfortable in going to retail and wholesale vegetable to get fruit and vegetables rather than taking out time for a visit to farms in backyard, which are tough to have in this day and age where fashion of multi-storey building is increasing. They pick whatever stuffs look okay to them in spite of the fact that these might not be too good quality wise.

If truth be told then gone are the days when parents would go with kids to the places where vegetables were sold and taught them how to make sure veggies are fresh and will taste when cooked.  To check softness of lady finger, people would ask children to break off its tail. If it gets removed without feeling any hard texture, okra is just going to taste what it should be. If its tails stuck, it shouldn’t be cooked. Testing out quality of onions, potato and cauliflower should be done as well. Firmness in potatoes and shallots with a crackling sound is good. Leafy greens should be eaten in winter season. Fenugreek is useful to lower atherosclerosis and treat bowel problems & diabetes. Green vegetables taste slightly sweet when taken out directly from the garden. These provide sheen to hair and reduce blemishes on skin as well.

Slight bitter in flavor means it is two or three days old. Traditional cooking can be given a fresh twist by including rainbow fruits and vegetables. Gorging on unhealthy eatables must be avoided. The people who get to eat fresh and organic food more are fit and energetic as compared to those who eat anything just to fill their hungry stomachs, compromising on both quality and flavor parameters. To judge freshness of pulpy fruits and a whole array of vegetables, smell deeply to get the hint of mild sweetness. Avoid adding a lot of spices into sautéed vegetables, to keep flavors intact. Some salt, chilies, garlic and lime are sufficient to increase nutrition. In order to let diseases at the bay, it is significant to have an eye on all types of eatables you eat in a raw or cooked form.

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