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The spine surgeon who set up the HumanWisdom project – to create a better future for humanity

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The spine surgeon who set up the HumanWisdom project – to create a better future for humanity

March 07
11:50 2023
The spine surgeon who set up the HumanWisdom project - to create a better future for humanity
Understand yourself. Discover wisdom. Be free.

“By enabling people to understand themselves deeply, discover wisdom, and live their best life. By living with wisdom, which comes from a deeper self-understanding, we can live in peace with ourselves, each other, and the earth.” — Dr Manoj Krishna

What made a spine surgeon give up a successful career to set up the HumanWisdom project, to help create a better future for humanity? Manoj Krishna was driving home from after a long day in surgery and heard on the news that a children’s hospital had been bombed in a war zone. He was moved by this and felt we human beings need to do better and we have the wisdom to do better. He transitioned out of surgery, wrote the books Understanding Me, Understanding You, and Stress Free, and started working with children. He discovered to his amazement that they already had this wisdom, and all he did was sit and draw it out of them by asking questions.

They had answers to some of the most difficult challenges we face:

How can we end war? – Realise that we are the same ice-cream, just different flavours.

How can we overcome anxiety? – Understand that it’s just your imagination playing up.

He set up the HumanWisdom Project to give everyone the opportunity to connect with their own wisdom, which can be life-changing and help people live in peace with themselves, each other, and the earth. It is based on a simple idea – many of the problems we humans face, for which there is no easy answer, begin in our thinking. These include stress, anxiety, depression, unhappiness, relationship conflict, addiction, obesity, violence, war, and even climate change. Understanding WHY we think and act in the way we do helps us connect with our own wisdom, and can help us avoid and overcome these problems more easily. This is not based on a philosophy or book, but on looking and learning about ourselves.

The HumanWisdom app, with more than 60 modules, makes it easy for each person to go on a journey of unlocking their own wisdom, by understanding themselves and how their minds work.

This wisdom could help end conflict between individuals and groups once people realise that their differences are because they have been unconsciously conditioned by different influences, which they have become attached to, but the process of conditioning is the same in us all. This understanding also awakens compassion for those who are different to us.

In the age of social media wisdom can help us understand that feelings of envy and hurt, which give rise to anger, are not related to what others have posted, but because hidden from our awareness, the mind compares all the time. By becoming aware of this process we can consciously decide to use comparison only when it serves us, and when to leave it alone. Wisdom brings illumination. Illumination brings transformation.

HumanWisdom is building separate apps for children, teenagers and parents. Dr Krishna believes that if we can educate each child, not just about the world around them, but also about themselves, they could be mentally healthy, make better decisions, and have happier relationships. This could also help create a better future for humanity.

For more information, visit, or download the HumanWisdom app.

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