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Lithvik celebrated 13 glorious years of Privacy Enforcement

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Lithvik celebrated 13 glorious years of Privacy Enforcement

March 29
10:09 2023
Lithvik celebrated 13 glorious years of Privacy Enforcement

Lithvik, a renowned Perception Management, Political Campaigning and Privacy Enforcement Expert, celebrated 13 glorious years working with Governments, MNCs and HNIs, providing Information Security & Privacy Enforcement Services

Lithvik Sharma is Group CEO at CryptoMize, a Digital Conglomerate serving Governments, Politicians, MNCs, Celebrities, Family Offices, and HNIs

Lithvik took the forefront of Information Security and Privacy with its advent in 2010. Over the decade, His company, CryptoMize, has worked across 30+ countries and served diverse categories of elite clients. Now in 2023, He and his company celebrated 13 glorious years working with Governments, MNCs and HNIs, providing Information Security & Privacy Enforcement Services. It keeps up its global lead in Digital and Information Security by upscaling its Privacy Enforcement Services with remodeling its Security Services in communication and data.

Lithvik Sharma has reformed Communication Security and Data Security in Privacy Enforcement. His primary focus is on security aims to secure data from all kinds of attacks and maintain data integrity using proprietary tools and products. Exciting technology advances have enabled organizations to remain productive in a changing environment. Unfortunately, increasingly complex digital environments have given cybercriminals new vulnerabilities to exploit. The Privacy Enforcement Services guarantees various security features such as security against Malware, safeguard against data theft and data loss, protection against Social Engineering attacks, mobile security, etc.

CryptoMize provides an advanced level of digital privacy by integrating the most sophisticated encryption technologies. The organization employs its special products termed CryptoSuite, developed to ensure a topmost level of security & privacy. The team of experts works towards eliminating threats like Cyber attacks, phishing, SQL Injection, service attacks, etc.

Government around the world has already recognized communication security as one of the most important aspects of securing digital space. Communication security services work through step-by-step verification of information and protect telecommunication data from unauthorized access. Regardless of how big or small an organization is., no network can entirely be secure. Hence, an effective and dependable communication security solution is essential for protecting client data. The security provided by CryptoMize utilizes a set of practices designed to strengthen communication networks’ security and stability. It also protects video, voice, and data traffic on wired and wireless networks.

Communication Security Services of Privacy Enforcement offers to cover every aspect, including network security, email security, message security, and provision of anonymity network. Many users worldwide use internet services such as emails, domain registration, web hosting, etc. Such users are unaware that hackers and cybercriminals are compromising their online activities. Thus, CryptoMize privacy services take the initiative to protect clients’ identity, personal data security, and other vital information shared over internet channels.

“We observed how organizations today are facing an unprecedented rise in the amount of sensitive data they handle daily. Every organization must be fully prepared to deal with any cyber threat in today’s digital world. Immediate steps to secure their data and communication channels are crucial to avoid getting affected by the rapidly growing number of threats. New gadgets are being released in the market time and again, but very few are fully secured and follow Information Security principles. Security factor gets compromised to make devices more up-to-date, making theft of data from the devices easier. Privacy Enforcement Services mends loopholes and protects the client’s security and privacy.” – Lithvik, CEO of CryptoMize

According to the 2022 AT&T Cybersecurity Insights Report, “As organizations expand their digital transformation efforts, the IT infrastructure is turning more complex with changing times. It expands the cyberattack threat surface and complicates security planning.”

Cyber attacks can expose sensitive data but also destroy a business or brand’s reputation within seconds and leave a tremendous impact. Communication Security and Data Security are becoming increasingly important aspects for businesses to protect the reputation of their products or brands. It ensures that all sensitive information, such as business plans, financial records, patents, trade secrets, customer lists, etc., remains safe from outsiders.

The Data Security services provided by CryptoMize protect electronic data against unauthorized access, deterioration, or theft. The services are designed to recognize the security challenges and provide instant solutions encompassing data loss protection, storage management, recovery, and access management.

CryptoMize emphasizes the importance of maintaining cyber hygiene to avoid security complacency. The basic focus and protocols revolve around security fundamentals which have become essential in the fast-paced digital world; Privacy Enforcement Services take care of that digital responsibility.

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