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The first round of private domain project solicitation for the 2023 Generational Welfare Association Generational Fund has ended

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The first round of private domain project solicitation for the 2023 Generational Welfare Association Generational Fund has ended

March 29
19:37 2023

It involves fields such as healthcare, tourism, new energy, biotechnology, agriculture, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

The private domain project investment model of the Generational Welfare Association has been highly regarded, and its unique innovative mechanism not only provides a new public welfare model for society but also offers more support and resources for project partners. The expansion of the investment fields this time will further strengthen the leading position of the Generational Welfare Association in emerging fields and contribute to the development and progress of society.

In the past few months, the Generational Welfare Association and Generational Fund have successfully collected a series of private domain projects through comprehensive and in-depth solicitation activities. These projects cover multiple fields including technology, healthcare, agriculture, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, real estate, finance, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. Recently, the Generational Welfare Association announced that it will launch the investment plan for the first batch of private domain projects in June 2023, with a projected initial investment budget of MYR 18 million. This move aims to further promote new public welfare concepts, leverage capital advantages, and help more potential projects to obtain development opportunities.

Among many fields, healthcare, agriculture, and real estate are the focuses of this project solicitation. The Generational Welfare Association has made strong efforts to guide the solicitation towards these three areas, attracting many innovative and socially responsible project submissions. It is reported that the Generational Welfare Association will give priority to excellent projects in these three areas during the screening process, and aims to help these promising projects obtain better development opportunities through project investment.

As a pioneer in the field of new philanthropy, the Generational Welfare Association upholds the belief that technology drives social progress and hopes to promote social change and development by investing in cutting-edge projects in these fields. At the same time, the project has also received widespread attention and support, with many young people and teams who aspire to start businesses in emerging fields actively responding and submitting their project applications.

According to a spokesperson from the Generational Welfare Association, the project received dozens of applications during the project solicitation phase. After layers of screening and evaluation, multiple projects with promising potential were selected. It’s worth mentioning that this project solicitation also included projects related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. With the continuous development and popularization of the digital economy, the Generasi Gemilang Foundation will continue to actively explore this field and provide more possibilities for new public welfare undertakings.

The budget for private domain project investment is as high as 18 million Malaysian ringgit, which is enough to support the research and practice of multiple projects. The Generational Welfare Association will provide comprehensive support in terms of funds, technology, resources, and other aspects for these projects. At the same time, it also hopes to promote social change and progress through the advancement of these projects.

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