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L7 DEX: The Breaker of Crypto Transactions, Made for Contract Trading Enthusiasts

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L7 DEX: The Breaker of Crypto Transactions, Made for Contract Trading Enthusiasts

August 03
02:17 2023

Although it seems difficult to find new growth points in the bear market of the cryptocurrency industry, this industry never lacks new hotspots and narratives. The entry of institutions and traditional capital into the cryptocurrency world has made the once niche investment behavior in the geek circle more fashionable and popular. The motivation for chasing profits becomes more apparent with the frequent 50% increase. Under the shadow of the bear market, cryptocurrency investment has become increasingly unpredictable. The winners take all under the high control of market makers, quantitative hedging between trading bots, and the emergence of various financial tools have made stable and continuous profits a luxury for many investors, especially in the ever-changing crypto trading market.

The leading exchanges are accelerating the construction of their defenses, packaging various financial innovations under the guise of “investment” products, causing significant harm to investors. Mid-tier exchanges opt for a more aggressive coin listing policy, with low entry barriers and high control, colluding to manipulate the market. The decrease in cryptocurrency liquidity during bear markets leads to a sharp decline in exchange transaction fee income. Collaborating with projects to manipulate the market and exploit users has become their primary method of maintaining operational teams after rapid expansion.

The trading threshold is gradually increasing, and the quantitative arbitrage teams of centralized exchanges (CEXs) are constantly eroding the existing funds in the market by leveraging their capital and strategic advantages. Against this backdrop, investors are filled with complaints and doubts about the cryptocurrency market. They question why trading has become so complicated and are uncertain about the investment direction for small-scale investors.

Designed for contract trading enthusiasts – L7 DEX, the decentralized perpetual contract trading platform, has become a game-changer in the recent stagnant bear market. Against the backdrop of a slowdown in the global cryptocurrency market, L7 DEX is striving to become a leader in decentralized perpetual contract trading.

L7 DEX provides a more user-friendly trading experience for regular investors and represents the ultimate pursuit of contract trading itself. With the support of a strong international financial technology team, L7 DEX differentiates itself from various centralized exchange (CEX) platforms by focusing solely on contract trading. By combining the best blockchain technology with cryptocurrency investments, conducting feasibility analysis and mathematical calculations, and collaborating with top international technical teams, L7 DEX has pioneered an innovative “peer-to-peer” PvP-AMM model. This model aims to improve user experience and reduce trading costs on DEX, creating a more efficient and fair trading environment. In traditional CEX markets, all cryptocurrency investors have to deal with highly controlled liquidity bots, while on L7 DEX decentralized contract trading platform, they can use a range of trading tools to diversify risks and hedge against them, avoiding being caught off guard in special situations.

L7 DEX provides an innovative PvP-AMM model on its trading platform, which is a contract trading method based on the innovative DeFi-AMM. The price of the trading target is based on a composite index, and LP initiates and settles orders regardless of the variety of the trade. The PvP-AMM model gained industry attention when GMX proposed the X4 plan in 2022, which aimed to introduce a new trading mode. However, the X4 plan was temporarily put on hold when GMX shifted its focus to the development of synthetic assets.

The core essence of PvP-AMM lies in traders pooling their chips or collateral in one place, where those who “relatively” earn more get a larger share of the chips, while those who “relatively” earn less suffer losses. The term PvP focuses on the word “relative”. If we say that GMX was originally a bet between GLP and traders, then PvP is a bet between traders themselves.

The PvP-AMM model is a type of pure Alpha trading, which is minimally influenced by the overall market trends and does not require additional liquidity providers (LP). Traders can conduct transactions independently, effectively addressing the issue of one-sided market conditions. Orders can be initiated and settled instantly on a peer-to-peer basis, eliminating the need for counterparties and order books. This results in swift transactions with zero spread, offering contract traders a more flexible array of trading asset combinations. Furthermore, the margin is solely linked to the LP, eliminating the need for physical reserves of the underlying asset during the trading process. This obviates the need for borrowing costs, maximizes capital utilization, and imposes minimal (or no) restrictions on one-sided positions.

The series of innovations and refinements in L7 DEX are designed to bring contract trading back to its pure and rational state, free from the influence of CEX data manipulation. Instead of being constantly disrupted, L7 DEX aims to steadily and strategically build trading strategies that are advantageous to oneself. It provides contract traders with a fair and transparent opportunity to profit in the zero-sum game. L7 DEX aspires to be the first choice for contract trading enthusiasts, offering a platform tailored specifically for them, with a focus on contract trading and ultimate products. It is brewing a new revolution in the world of cryptocurrencies.

L7 DEX is actively working to lower the leverage threshold and comply with regulations, while strongly opposing gambling practices.The difference between trading and gambling is that the former is a bet on the rise and fall of market trends, while the latter waits for the inevitable ups and downs of the market. Cryptocurrency trading experiences drastic fluctuations, and under high leverage, crypto trading becomes indistinguishable from gambling. The market manipulation risks and societal factors behind high leverage have led the cryptocurrency market to face the strictest global regulations. L7 DEX has voluntarily withdrawn from multiple non-compliant markets, proactively limited the maximum leverage multiplier for contracts, and is striving to hold regulatory licenses in multiple countries. It aims to bring investment back to rationality, embrace regulation, and provide users with a rational and compliant contract trading platform. With the protection of multiple policies and rules, contract trading enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the skills and principles of trading. L7 DEX upholds the industry’s bottom line and consistently aims to provide a safe, efficient, and professional contract trading platform for global users.

Besides the amazing products, the global community of L7 DEX has officially launched. Users from over forty countries around the world are eagerly awaiting the full launch of the L7 DEX mainnet. The innovative value brought by the L7 DEX protocol can also be shared with users through smart contracts. Before the next bull market cycle arrives, the industry’s wealth creation effect is attracting global users’ continuous attention to the further development of L7 DEX. L7 DEX hopes to grow together with global crypto investors and bring the benefits of crypto finance to users worldwide.

Due to innovation, the PvP-AMM model allows contract traders to experience the essence of trading on L7 DEX. Thanks to its professionalism, more traders are willing to utilize L7 DEX’s trading assistance tools to demonstrate their trading skills. Because of its focus, L7 DEX always stands from the perspective of traders, designing simpler and more user-friendly products and tools. By the way, L7 DEX has now fully launched the secondary creation design event. Follow the official Twitter to get the details and participate in the secondary creation design event for a chance to win super benefits, link:

L7 DEX, the game-changer in decentralized perpetual contract trading, is here to cater to all contract trading fanatics worldwide. Get ready for a new era of crypto trading!With the rapid growth of L7 DEX, we believe there will be more and more contract trading enthusiasts who will write their own financial success stories on L7 DEX.





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