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Bring back the pure and rational contract trading experience & Providing the ultimate trading experience. -L7 DEX

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Bring back the pure and rational contract trading experience & Providing the ultimate trading experience. -L7 DEX

August 14
15:41 2023

With the gradual establishment of the competition among top exchanges, each exchange has entered the intensely competitive phase of business growth and rapid market acquisition. However, the increasingly rich features have not brought enough profitable effects for users, but have significantly increased the barrier to entry. After the frenzy, users need a simple and pure exchange that can provide a profitable model and withstand the varying market conditions. With the development of the industry, L7 DEX emerges to create a perpetual contract trading platform that focuses on providing the ultimate trading experience.

As the core tool of the cryptocurrency market, L7 DEX should adhere to the principle of neutrality and non-manipulation, not participating in trading or market-making, and focus on maintaining a good trading experience and liquidity. As more institutions and users gain awareness of the crypto world, the market urgently needs a simple and user-friendly trading platform that focuses only on trading itself. This is the core vision of the newly established L7 DEX – to provide the simplest, safest, and most user-friendly trading experience for contract users.

Let’s go back to the essence of cryptocurrency trading with a pure experience. L7 DEX is a cutting-edge platform developed by a top international tech team, based on a innovative peer-to-peer PvP-AMM trading model. It aims to enhance users’ contract trading experience on DEX and reduce transaction costs. L7 DEX provides industry-leading matching capabilities and the most substantial trading depth for contract users, bringing cryptocurrency trading back to its roots. From registration onwards, L7 DEX strives to lower the barriers of product usage, making it accessible even for beginners, while providing professional traders with a trading environment they can immerse themselves in.

As we all know, the cryptocurrency industry is prone to extreme fluctuations. With the continuous entry of institutions, it has become increasingly challenging for ordinary users to achieve stable profits. L7 DEX’s PvP-AMM model belongs to pure Alpha trading, with minimal impact from overall market conditions and without the need for additional LP. Traders can trade on their own, engaging in a betting game with other traders, while also addressing the issue of one-sided market trends. The PvP-AMM protocol provides a combination arbitrage opportunity for API and SmartMoney, attracting new minority orders and automatically balancing the long and short ratio. In this innovative model, contract enthusiasts can enjoy a fair, transparent, open, and equal trading environment, finding entertainment in trading and implementing their trading strategies to consistently profit.

Apart from that, as the competition intensifies, various exchanges have absurdly increased the leverage of contracts by 100 times, 150 times, or even higher multiples, turning contract trading, which was originally a profitable financial instrument, into chips in the hands of gamblers. The extremely high risk of high leverage has turned the manipulable crypto market into a situation where the bulls and bears are controlled by the market makers. Unlike traditional exchanges, L7 DEX hopes to bring the industry back to the original vision of financial investment by actively limiting leverage, making investments more rational. Contracts are not about gambling, and we hope that crypto traders will grow together with L7 DEX and become truly rational and professional crypto investors.

In addition, the L7 DEX platform will also provide advanced strategies and products for contract enthusiasts, as well as tools for short-term trend trading and a series of benefits such as fee reductions for leading professional high-frequency traders in the industry. This greatly reduces the transaction fees generated by high-frequency trading, allowing top traders to seize more profit in their precious 3 minutes, and enables professional traders to quickly realize their understanding of crypto and finance. L7 DEX has more gameplay waiting for you to experience.

As a brand new platform that focuses on decentralized perpetual contract trading, L7 DEX doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes of many radical exchanges. We embrace proactive compliance with regulations, allowing the platform to provide users with the most ultimate service under transparent supervision. This has always been the consistent pursuit of L7 DEX. To some extent, the process of regulation and bear market “ripening” the exchanges will also accelerate the competition and reshuffling among exchanges. As cryptocurrency investments become more popular, whether it’s a CEX or DEX, compliance is the ultimate destination for exchanges.

L7 DEX will gradually initiate cooperation with global financial regulatory agencies, delving into the forefront of cryptocurrency anti-money laundering and anti-manipulation, to provide global users with compliant, secure, and ultimate cryptocurrency asset trading and investment services.

In addition to contract trading products, as L7 DEX develops into a mature stage, it will also launch liquidity services and IEO based on the L7 DEX platform.

In the liquidity service products, L7 DEX plays the role of liquidity procurement, distribution, and management. It not only provides users with liquidity mining products that have multiple benefits, but also aggregates liquidity pools from multiple platforms.

With stronger mechanism design, product design, and operational capabilities, L7 DEX aims to build a new liquidity trading model, focusing on liquidity as a service (LaaS). It hopes to directly procure and distribute liquidity, effectively utilize the purchased liquidity through its trading module, generate revenue from the liquidity obtained by the platform, and achieve strong synergy between the trading and liquidity market businesses. This will lead to long-term balance of income and expenditure, creating a healthy and sustainable cycle.

Institutions/projects/users that provide liquidity in the L7 DEX ecosystem can not only receive trading fee dividends and insurance fee dividends from L7 DEX, but also enjoy the growth benefits associated with other top-tier project tokens in the entire ecosystem that form trading pairs with the L7 DEX platform token, LSD.

L7 DEX provides liquidity providers with a higher income ratio through a composite vault to increase system stability, reduce platform token volatility risk, and improve protocol usage experience.

Ultimately, L7 DEX aims to become an important building block in the DeFi Lego world, bringing value to the DeFi ecosystem and promoting the growth of several blue-chip protocols.

Building an ultimate decentralized contract trading platform – L7 DEX, here for you





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