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Use instructions and maintenance of meat slicer

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Use instructions and maintenance of meat slicer

August 16
15:38 2023
A. Slow Of Meat

1.If the meat billet is frozen too hard, it is easy to break when cutting thin slices, and the resistance is too large when cutting thick slices, which is easy to cause the motor to block and even burn the motor. Because of these, before cutting meat must slow meat (frozen meat billet in the incubator, so that its internal and external temperature at the same time temperature slowly rise process called slow meat).

2. When the thickness of meat slices is less than 1.5mm, the appropriate temperature of meat billet inside and outside is -4℃, (put the frozen meat billet in the freezing box and power off for 8 hours). At this time, press the meat billet with fingernails, and the surface of the meat billet appears indentation.

3. When the slice thickness is greater than 1.5mm, the temperature of the meat billet should be higher than -4℃. And with the increase of slice thickness, the temperature of meat billet should be increased accordingly.

B. The Knife

1.The round blade of the slicer is made of high-quality wear-resistant tool steel, and the cutting edge is sharpened before leaving the factory.

2.After the round blade is blunted by use, it can be resharpened with a knife sharpener equipped with random equipment. Sharpen the blade often and sparingly. Before sharpening the knife, clean the oil on the blade, lest the oil stain the grinding wheel. If the grinding wheel is stained with grease, clean the grinding wheel with a brush and alkaline water.

3.When the knife sharpener is not sharpening, the grinding wheel is far away from the blade, and the grinding wheel is close to the blade when sharpening the knife. Method for adjusting grinding wheel height and AngleA. Adjust the grinding wheel height Loosen the bolt, remove the entire knife sharpener, and adjust the length of the screw extension on the knife sharpener support.B. Adjust the Angle of grinding wheel Loosen the two locking bolts on the knife sharpener body and pull the knife sharpener to change the Angle between it and the support.

4.Press the “blade” button to rotate the blade, and turn the rear knob of the grinding wheel shaft clockwise to make the grinding wheel resist the blade, so that the rotating blade drives the grinding wheel to rotate and realize knife sharpening.

Note: ● Before starting the blade rotation, check whether there is a gap between the grinding wheel end face and the blade. If the grinding wheel conflicts with the blade, turn the rear knob of the grinding wheel shaft clockwise to leave a 2mm gap between the grinding wheel and the blade. ● Rotation wheel shaft tail knob can not be too fierce, to produce a slight spark for the limit. ● If it is found that the grinding wheel is only sharpening the front end of the knife edge, but not the edge surface, it is necessary to adjust the position of the whole knife sharpener. The best cutting edge Angle is 25°.

5, sharpening effect Turn the axle knob of the grinding wheel to detach the grinding wheel from the blade, press the “Stop” button to stop the blade, and observe the sharpening effect. If there is sharp burr on the edge, it can be proved that the edge is sharp, and the sharpening operation can be finished. Otherwise, repeat the above sharpening process until you are satisfied.

Note: Do not touch the blade of the finger to determine whether the edge is sharp, so as not to scratch your fingers.

6.After sharpening the knife, the iron foam and grinding wheel ash on the machine should be cleaned. Remove the knife guard when cleaning the blade.

Attention: Do not rinse with water, do not use harmful cleaning agent.

C. Refueling

1.The slide bar of the slicer should be refuted at least twice a day, 2-3 drops each time, using lubricating oil or sewing machine oil.

2, the gear box should be used for the first time for half a year, and then replace the gear oil every year.

D. Daily Inspection And Maintenance
1.Always check whether the connection of the transmission mechanical parts is firm, whether the screws are loose or not, and whether the machine runs smoothly. If any problem is found, it should be solved in time.2. After using the blade for a period of time, the diameter will become smaller. When the knife edge is more than 5mm from the ruler board, it is necessary to loosen the fastening screws on the back of the ruler board, move the ruler to the edge, and the 2mm gap from the edge is appropriate, and then tighten the screws.
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