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Eat Nutritious Food, Meditate to Stay in Good Mood

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Eat Nutritious Food, Meditate to Stay in Good Mood

November 18
14:03 2016

yogaNew Delhi, Friday, November 18 – The phases of parenthood is tough to describe. It is a mix of emotions. Those who are already enjoying it will agree with this. Motherhood and fatherhood come with several challenges, which are exciting.

But at times, these may give people stress. The journey from being a girl to turning into a mother isn’t easy at all. Women undergo a lot of changes both mentally and physically.

It is hard for moms-to-be to eat even the food they loved once thanks to the elevated levels of hCG. Till four months, situation remains almost the same with the majority of women while they are pregnant. It turns a typical task for them to take in a few morsels of food. Taking care of the baby in the womb in that period isn’t easy. In such conditions, focus should be on going for proper nutrition required for ideal growth of the little one. Healthy recipes during this phase can be of great use to the mothers-to-be.

When it becomes difficult to meet the quantity of calcium, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and proteins as suggested by the doctors, it is a good idea to compromise on the quantity and have small but frequent meals. This will help the food to get digested properly. To stay happy and add to positivity in life, pregnant women shall go with yoga and meditation to keep the calm. A brisk walk of 30 minutes to one hour is important to taken in fresh air. It also lends them feel light.

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