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Wholesome Food – the Key to Lead Healthy Life

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Wholesome Food – the Key to Lead Healthy Life

December 16
10:43 2016

foodNew Delhi, Friday, December 16 – There is no perfect substitute of nutritious food. Wholesome diet is essential for human body. The human beings who know the significance of including greens, grains and fruits in diet are able to lead an energetic life as compared to the people who survive mostly on fast food, refined sugar and refined flour, described a recent study.

Consuming healthy ingredients has a great meaning in everybody’s life. In fact, its importance increases vastly for women during their pregnancy phases, which are full of ups and downs. As a matter of fact, the excitement to experience motherhood in the near terms gradually starts to subside when mothers-to-be begin to dislike even the smell of cuisines which used to be their favorites some time ago.  Here is to mention that a diet chart for pregnant ladies shall be made to ensure them nutrition isn’t missed in any case. If healthy food is taken at different time intervals, it becomes a tad convenient for them to enjoy transition in body during different trimesters and welcome home a healthy baby at the end.

The one point what everybody must not forget is to curtail intake of salt and carbohydrates as excess isn’t considered good for health. Rather than preparing food in margarine, pure ghee or olive oil should be preferred. It has rightly been said that health is wealth. Innumerable researches in the recent past put light to benefits of having healthy meals. Consumption of freshly squeezed vegetable juices is good in all seasons. However, deliciousness in veggies increases during the season.  This is the best time to enjoy nutrition of beetroots, farm fresh carrots, peas, shallots and tomato. When crushed together, a dark color juice is prepared that houses countless nutrients. Exotic twist to several recipes can be given through cooking skills. Lime, mint, fennel seeds and cumin can be added to enhance simple flavours.

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