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Healthy Eating Habits Imperative to Boost Immunity when Mercury Dips, Finds Research

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Healthy Eating Habits Imperative to Boost Immunity when Mercury Dips, Finds Research

December 30
14:09 2014

foodNew Delhi, Tuesday, December 30 – Winter is at peak these days. Many people felt the chill and were down with fever, cold, cough and seasonal flu. The joy of eating super food is great in this season but a little bit of carelessness could cause big trouble for the masses. Digestive system works properly more in winter as compared to any other season. However, eating in quantity is not enough to boost immunity. For this, handful of nuts, a glass of milk and healthy diet are imperative to improve stamina, said a latest study.

In order to reduce the chances of heart related diseases by nearly 30 per cent, health experts guide people to consume citrus fruits, mixed sprouts, salad leaves and muffins having almonds, cashew nut, muesli bars & honey. It has been proven from time to time that healthy can be tasty. Everything depends upon one’s imagination. Cheese stuffed celery sticks, white bean puree, roasted bell pepper hummus, yoghurt crunch, cinnamon & banana cake, mulberry smoothie, oat biscuits topped with cherry, custard and potato wedges with avocado dip are good to have.

Soups are healthy options as these keep body warm. Significance of consuming lettuce, carrots, fresh cabbage, cucumber, coriander & mint leaves, garlic flakes and olive & canola oil is understood when one finds his face shining. The intake of food during lunch and dinner must be a bit less than the actual need. People shouldn’t give up habit of drinking 10 to 12 glass of water even when it is cold outside. Proteins should be taken in, along with carbohydrates and essential vitamins. A disease free body is the need of all the time no matter what weather it is, the recent research mentioned further.

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