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An Amazing Research Result on US Infrastructure: The Government only uses $250 Billion to drive $10 Trillion to Complete, The Research Team Will Give a Lecture Tour to Introduce the Result

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An Amazing Research Result on US Infrastructure: The Government only uses $250 Billion to drive $10 Trillion to Complete, The Research Team Will Give a Lecture Tour to Introduce the Result

September 05
06:12 2018

Author: Zhong Jiwen 

American large-scale infrastructure construction is the biggest business opportunity but is the project the most difficult to start. Year after year, although great efforts had been made, failures were again and again. Now, with a new $10 trillion proposal made by some Chinese scholars named HRSCNP research team, this project immediately shows bright prospects. Yes, you read that right – it is $10 trillion. The $1 trillion investment plan was enough to be exciting; here this is ten times bigger than that one! However, it dose be a truly viable plan and the government needed only $250 billion to drive $10 trillion. To advance the result, the HRSCNP research team is seeking partners to organize a lecture tour to introduce the result to all.

The result called High-Speed Railway + Super Cities Network Plan (HRSCNP), which is the backbone and core project of the US. It is the five High-Speed Railways which crosses from the East to the West and runs through the North and the South 20,000 km high-speed railway trunk lines, and eight super cities along the trunk line. With the help of this backbone project, the development of branch lines, small cities and other infrastructures will be promoted. This plan will enable the US to re-enter a new historic infrastructure construction wave after World War II. The result named Developed Countries’ Economic Development Strategies – Take the United States as an Example (Click to see the original text) was published in International Conference on Management, Education and Social Science (ICEMSS 2017), June 2017.

Since then, the HRSCNP research team had made further detailed implementation plans, more importantly is that the feasibility of the plan is also argued deductively here, to make it a US Congressional proposal:In eight years, with the help of policy innovation, the government only needs to invest $250 billion in the fist two years, which can drive the private investment of $10 trillion to construct 20 thousand km high-speed railways and 8 super cities infrastructures. It would deliver more than 10 million jobs, create several trillions dollars of tax, double the social wealth and economic growth, and make America enter a period of drastically reducing debt for the first time and enter a new era of the traffic revolution marked by time, speed and efficiency. It will keep American economic growth at a higher sped in the next 20-30 years and achieve Making America Great Again. The result named Conception of American Infrastructure Construction Eight-Year Plan (Click to see the original text) published in 3rd International Conference on Education and Management Science (ICEMS 2018), Jan. 2018. Figure 1 is the photo of this Conference.

Figure 1. HRSCNP research team in 3rd International Conference On Education and Management Science (ICEMS 2018), 2018-01-21

This is the achievement of the HRSCNP research team’s result on the US economy for many years. As early as the late 2016 US presidential election began, the team closely monitored the electoral trend. As learned about the presidential candidate Trump’s infrastructure plan, this team immediately embarked on preparations. As President Trump took office, the team immediately sent their result to the new president: the adequate scale of investment for American large scale infrastructure construction should be $10 trillion to achieve the goal of Making America Great Again. 5 months later, on August 8, 2018, the team unexpectedly received President Trump’s personal reply letter. The president expressed support, praise and encouragement for the research. This is the reply of the head of a country to ordinary scholars. This is a great honor. Thanks to the president’s support, the team continued its efforts. In January 2018, at the New Year’s bell, the team presented the president with a special New Year gift, the manuscript of the forthcoming paper Conception of American Infrastructure Construction Eight-Year Plan. On March 12, 2018, the HRSCNP research team unexpectedly received reply letter from President Trump again, who thanked them for the new research result sent him.

The core task of the result is policy innovation, which requires not only to create a new government department, but also to formulate made a whole set of new policies and management methods which is the main source of huge wealth to support this plan. This is the completely new content different from other proposals.

Policy innovation makes the impossible to become the possible.

Whether accept it or not, the facts show that the world has entered the era of high-speed railway. In this era, the speed of commonly used public transport has increased by 5 times. Cars that used to represent modernization and the proudest transports are soon becoming antiques now.

Figure 2. A common high-speed railway station in China

The figure 2 above is a common high-speed railway station in China, There are too many such stations, just as bus stops.

China had built 20 thousand km high-speed railway in 2016, and a bigger plan had been made. According to government documents, China will build 45 thousand km high-speed railway in the year of 2030.

Figure 3.  The Plan of China high-speed railway in 2030

Between America and China, the 5 times speed difference of public transport is a huge gap. Figure 3 is the plan of China high-speed railway in 2030. If HRSCNP can not start, The speed and efficiency of business in the US will be greatly reduced compared with that in China, and America will lag behind the world in the next 10 years.

The HRSCNP research team believes that the US large scale infrastructure is not a dispensable but imminent and imperative task. In many proposals, this one is not only the best idea, but also the only feasible solution. As time goes on, it is believed that this proposal would eventually be gotten approval.

To advance the result, the HRSCNP research team is seeking partners to organize a lecture tour to introduce the result to all, and planning to fulfill 5 related tasks as fellows:

1. Expanding the scale of the team. Invite talents with special abilities in academic research, business cooperation and other aspects and investors with strong strength and strategic vision to join.

2. Register a “High Speed Railway + Super City Network Planning Association” (HRSCNP Association) in the United States to transfer this research work base from China to the United States.

3. Carry out simulation exercise. To simulate the work of newly established government agencies and high-speed railway companies. Once the result is implementation, a sufficient number of qualified government officials or corporate executives can be provided immediately to it.

4. Establish early stage enterprises. For example, management training, line planning, urban planning, investment planning, etc. These must be prepared ahead of time, and once the result is implementation, sufficient support strength can be provided immediately to it.

5. Establish a university. It needs to take a long time to train senior management personnel. Because of the scarcity of senior management personnel for high-speed railway in the US, it is urgent to establish a university: the United States Infrastructure Construction Management University.

At present, the mid-term elections in the US will soon be held, and infrastructure will be the most popular topic. In order to assist the decision maker to make the right decision, the HRSCNP research team has written a new 7000 word article entitled:

Decision-Making Research

On American Large-Scale Infrastructure construction

Abstract: At present, a proposal for large-scale infrastructure construction, which determines the fate of the future development of America, will soon be discussed in the Congress. In order to solve the difficult problems in the proposal, assist the President and the Congress making correct decision, this paper based on the Theory of National Economic Development Saturation, taking a physical model as a research object to find a way of higher economic growth. This paper points out that the biggest development opportunity of America is the core project is the High-speed Railways + Super Cities Network Plan (or HRSCNP). To move this plan forward, the authors made a new proposal named Conception of American Infrastructure Construction Eight-Year Plan. With the help of policy innovation, America can use government funds of $250 billion only to drive $10 trillion private investment to complete it. If it passes, American economy will be at top speed in the next 20~30 years. This paper particularly points out that before the decision of the Congress, it is needed to launch a large scale of academic activity to solve the two major problems of huge political resistance and the lack of professionals, and finally to pave the way for this big project.

This article provides complete decision information. In order to make this article available sent to the decision makers of the mid-term elections in time, this article should be publish as soon as possible. This is very important. Welcome interested Newspapers and Journals should contact the team or the authors as soon as possible.

Now this research has been many years, but never getting a penny funds and their survival face huge difficult. It is now in urgent need of research funds or other help. Help account, A/C holder’s Name: WANG JIAN QIANG, A/C No.: 6216690100000951532, SWIFT code: BKCH CN BJ110. The team is grateful to you for your help.

Figure 4. The Accounts receivable account of HRSCNP research team

Because this huge project will span decades and require several generations to relay, the team will recruit five aged 14-22 successors from poor areas, Provide accommodation and tuition free. The goal is to make them the qualified successors and developers of this achievement.

For more information and latest news, please view the website of HRSCNP research team; Email:[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

It may not be the best achievement in the world, but it is undoubtedly the most influential achievement in the world! It will affect the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans, it will create trillions of dollars of wealth, it will make American economic growth up to the highest historical speed in the coming decades, and it will rewrite the history of world economic development. What other research achievements have such strong influence in the world?

Although the study encountered temporary difficulties, they firmly believed that when people have known the importance of the result, this research team would receive the greatest sympathy and support. This is because they are seeking maximum benefits for hundreds of millions of people.

Who says history is far away from us? Here is a project that may shock the world and has far-reaching impact. At the same time, it is also the project of super difficulty and repeated failures. It is so important and so difficult that, when the history faces it, the history loses its stubbornness suddenly and is starting hesitate. Ladies and gentlemen, when you read these words, your hands have already touched the inflection point of history. You know how to do it and your behavior will immediately affect the trend and direction of the history. Perhaps next, the script of the history will be rewritten according to your wishes. Perhaps, a simple but significant task below you would be able to fulfill. Or perhaps, you are doing it and rewriting history now.

In order to send the right decision-making information to every decision-maker in time, Hope some one having a certain economic capacity and being interested in the proposal print the three articles of the HRSCNP team into 600 copies as reference material and send it to the President, each member of Congress and relevant officials as soon as possible.

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