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‘Corona Can’t Kill If People Choose These Five Alternatives’ Says Richard Ruhling M.D. Author of ‘Health, Happiness & Destiny’

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‘Corona Can’t Kill If People Choose These Five Alternatives’ Says Richard Ruhling M.D. Author of ‘Health, Happiness & Destiny’

April 07
21:09 2020

Flagstaff, AZ, USA – Dr. Richard Ruhling taught Health Science at Loma Linda University, a community featured in a National Geographic cover story on longevity. “They were trying to find out the secret as to why so many people in my town were living well into their 80’s, 90’s and even 100 years of age,” says Ruhling.

In Dr. Ruhling’s new book Health, Happiness & Destiny he shares the secrets of how just about anyone can live an extra 10 years. “I’m 78 years old,” says Ruhling, “and I am in better health now than when I was 35! How do I do it? Wise choices on what we put in our mouth which includes staying away from the leading cause of death … PRESCRIPTION DRUGS and Medical Care.”

Here’s what Dr. Ruhling would do at the first sign of flu or CV-19:

1. Stop eating and drinking except for water, even cut dosages of non-essential prescription drugs that may be toxic and begin to detoxify by water and fasting. The white blood cells vital to immunity get lazy with excessive eating. The phagocytic index drops 75% after sugary food like cake and cookies at the holidays when flu season comes. Cut the sweets and fast till AM.

2. At the 1st sign of flu, take three charcoal capsules (available at drug stores) or better, open the capsules and stir the powder into a cup of water because the fluids are needed. The drink is tasteless. It adsorbs toxins on the surface that microscopically has surface area of a football field. It is used in Emergency Rooms after pumping stomachs for overdose to adsorb poisons..

3. Also at the 1st sign of flu, fill the tub and immerse the body for 20 minutes in very hot water. Sit up and as the water is running out of the tub, pour a quart of cold water front and back three times. The contrast of hot and cold can double the immunity white blood count to fight infection.

4. After the hot and cold bath (fever therapy that helps kill the virus) take 500 mg of Vitamin C, a dose of elderberry, echinacea and kyolic garlic hourly until better. There’s good science in the herbals per Dr. Marc Micozzi of NIH, Dr. Benjamin Lau, Loma Linda Univ, Prof of Microbiology. Chew Vit C tablets: “ascorbic acid”, not ascorbate, in half cup of water for absorption. Science in ascorbic acid outshines 98% of MDs who don’t use it; see brilliant researcher here: Repeat #1-4 if not better in 4 hrs. But wait till after the charcoal has had half an hour or it could adsorb (reduce) the Vit C, etc. For sore throat, gargle a pinch of cayenne (red) pepper in a half cup of hot water. It is high in Vitamin C and is far better than salt water or commercial products like Listerine, etc.

5. Avoid vaccinations! Even Dr. Fauci admitted only “10-60% effectiveness of flu vaccine in a good year and this is not a good year.” It takes many months to develop a good vaccine for flu. Vaccinations are suspect because the CDC owns the patents and gets billions from them. “AIDS and Ebola are just a couple of examples of germs that are undoubtedly man-made creations, accidentally or intentionally transmitted via tainted vaccines in the U.S. and Africa.” Dr. Len Horowitz’ book, Emerging Viruses and Vaccinations on Amazon is excellent.

“Recognize the facts. Viruses are ‘obligate intracellular organisms’ that get inside the cells of the body-upper respiratory first and spread if immunity is low,” say Ruhling. “But because they are inside the cells of the body, drugs that circulate in the blood stream don’t usually help. The death rates are higher in those treated with drugs than in those treated as above…”

Ruhling points to the history of plagues where entire villages were spared the Black Death of Bubonic Plague by quarantine when they discovered that biblical principle in Leviticus 13. Ruhling says “Quarantining well people is a reversal of the biblical principle. It’s UNNECESSARY for those who do the above measures, and it’s RUINING MANY BUSINESSES.”

Ruhling says, “Medical care is not healthcare; it’s the diagnosis and treatment of disease. It’s disease care and it’s inversely related to health. The more one sees the doctor and takes prescription drugs, the worse one’s health becomes.” He says Hippocrates was right – “Let your food be your medicine.”

Health, Happiness & Destiny has received high praise from many doctors and top reviewers:

“Everyone, young, old, fit or unfit, will benefit greatly from reading this eye-opening book by Richard Ruhling, MD, providing powerful pointers on the important part we play in achieving total mind and body health.”
– Susan Keefe, Midwest Book Review, 5-stars

“This is a splendid book by a man who obviously cares about the radiant life! Accompanying the physical health guidance is the liberal use of scriptural references that provide thoughtful moments of reflection. Highly recommended.”
– Grady Harp, MD, Top 100 Hall of Fame Amazon Reviewer

“A very enjoyable read with a few “aha” moments… I wanted more. I found the section on healthcare to be very interesting.”
– Dr. Josh Powell

Health, Happiness & Destiny Come from Wise Choices, is published by Total Health Pub, ISBN 1700465600, 2019 paperback, $6.49, Kindle: $2.99 199 pages, available in fine bookstores everywhere and on Amazon. “Buy it and treat yourself to a meal for your mind,” concludes Ruhling.

About Richard Ruhling MD.

Author Richard Ruhling earned both his MD and Masters in Public Health from Loma Linda University, followed by a cardiology fellowship and residency in Internal Medicine. He has taught Health Science at Loma Linda University and has become well known for his total health approach for a better life. He has published fifteen books on health issues and religious themes – his WHITE HORSE SERIES – and in this new book in that series he combines his advice on health with spiritual thought and the result is richly impressive ‘food for thought’ and guide for a healthy happy life.

Here’s Dr. Ruhling with a special message:

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