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Some Pomegranate a Day Keeps Lethal Diseases at Bay

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Some Pomegranate a Day Keeps Lethal Diseases at Bay

October 27
12:07 2015

pomNew Delhi, Tuesday, October 27 – Everyone hopes to lead a disease-free life but is that actually so easy as it may sound! Certainly, not. Lack of nutrition and essential nutrients required by body makes more than a few individuals fall sick.

In a scenario where buying of kitchen staples isn’t not possible by the majority, it would not be right to expect them include fruits and health drinks in their diet. Malnutrition cases are rising as children of lower classes are not getting proper protein, minerals and vitamins found naturally in various food stuffs. Despite being aware of the horrendous situation, it is advised to incorporate some juicy fruits that are good for health.

Health experts put emphasis on inclusion of pomegranate fruit in regular routine as this being rich in antioxidant and revered for holding several impressive properties. The fruit is an ideal source of vitamin b-6, magnesium, vitamin c, potassium, dietary fiber and sugar. In this day and age where elderly populace even ignore the significance of having milk, fruit juices, vegetables and grains on a daily basis, it becomes difficult for the body to attain required nourishment.

Edible seeds and juice of pomegranate provide shield against heart disease and cancer for thanks to the existence of flavonoids, polyphenols and potent antioxidants. More to the point, punicalagin compound is excellent for heart and blood vessels as well. The anti-cancer property of pomegranate makes it be prominent amid other juicy fruits. Blood pressure patients may too identify magical change in life after considering it the must-eat fruit. According to the experts, those who want to stay away from threat of cancerous tumors should try to have some pomegranate seeds for sure. Besides this, eating apple, grapes, oranges etc. could give them desired results too.

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