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Soaring Rates of Food Items Compel Populace Miss Essential Nutrients

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Soaring Rates of Food Items Compel Populace Miss Essential Nutrients

October 28
12:07 2015

dal1New Delhi, Wednesday, October 28 – When pulses hit the mark of INR 200 per kilo in various regions a few days ago, people stopped buying a variety of legumes. Those who found it hard to keep themselves away from it bought grain legume in lesser quantity. Homemakers were left with no option but to add to more water while preparing the pulses to meet family requirements.

Vitamins, minerals, proteins, calcium, iron, vitamin C etc. are the need of human body. Upper classes may show some concern over the rising rates of household goods but that will not affect their health as they can afford shelling out hefty sums whether sugar prices increase or cost of oil per litre, rice, tomato, onions etc. go through the ceilings.

The major issue is for the lower class. Reason is known to everyone. People belonging to this class usually search for substitutes that can be replaced with the eatables ranging up. For example, gravy dishes are preferred over pulses. If truth be told then most of the roadside restaurants have stopped serving pulses. Chickpeas and rajma are hit in menu. A reason to worry is here as the majority is not having the proteins. it is impossible for us to ignore how families with low incomes get to manage stuffs that’s required by their kids.

Despite the fact that raid by state government lent a hand to ease prices of pulses to a certain extent but that is not going to give customers their hard-earned money back what they spent in the recent past to get some pulses. Some steps must be in pocket of people sitting at the top so that people don’t have to bear the brunt of rising rates of useful commodities every now and then.

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