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Limit Smartphone Use to Help Kids Stay Active, Says Research

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Limit Smartphone Use to Help Kids Stay Active, Says Research

November 05
12:08 2015

phonesNew Delhi, Thursday, November 5 – Several studies in the recent past pointed out the harmful effects of excessive use of modern-day chatting tools. And now, here is another research that highlights the result   of sticking to mobile screen for a long time.

In an effort to make young generation extra advance, parents are indirectly making their young kids fight with more than a few health issues for instance poor eyesight, loss of concentration and quick dryness in eyes.

When one hands his cell phones to the little ones to look at all recent features, he/she must be aware of the fact that kids are exposed to radiations via this way. More willingly than asking children to hold expertise in operating latest gadgets or tablets and discover new applications, the wiser decision would be to develop natural liking for books or outdoor games that are pivotal for their physical and mental growth.

Winning online games could be thrilling for a moment or two but its permanent result could be unsafe and unmanageable for the couples who give toddlers their handset when latter becomes stubborn. The research noticed the kids who easily get access to use phones get obstinate at an early age. The behavior turns unacceptable sometime creating a real mess for the guardians.

If their request to play games on tablets is declined, it is common to see them throwing things here and there. Here is to remember that radiations are harmful even at a time when released at extremely low level. Grown-ups should also try to use devices only when it is essential. Needless surfing should be avoided as it not only kills time but also brightness of screen puts a lot of stress on eyes. This habit can make people have sleepless nights to the users, the research cited further.

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