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How to Manage Budgets Post Shocking Rise in Household Items?

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How to Manage Budgets Post Shocking Rise in Household Items?

November 06
14:27 2015

vegetNew Delhi, Friday, November 6 – Managing household expenses hasn’t been easy for the Indian populace. Several factors are responsible for unforeseen rise in the prices of commodities that are needed by various families on a daily basis.

It is a real challenge for the majority to save something from their salary. Even those not earning much spend a lion’s share of money to buy kitchen staples to meet family requirements. Expecting them to end up accumulate several sums at the end of month isn’t a feasible thought, particularly at a time when people have to spend around INR 200 for tur dal, a food that is eaten in almost each family.

This much amount isn’t reasonable to spend in one go for the middle-class populace. Higher classes are not affected by sheer hike. Though they discuss about unexpected increase in cost but do not get bothered a lot thanks to their ability to afford buying products. Some healthy alternatives must be in the list of populace so that increase doesn’t affect their budget and health by any means. Vegetables are good source of essential nutrients.

Even when rates of tomato and onions go up without any indication, there are several other veggies that taste better and provide body required nourishment. Thanks to cooking skills, cabbage, cauliflower, lady finger, brinjal and so on can be cooked by more ways than one. Beans sprouts are healthy options as well. when combined with leafy greens, these could lift the taste buds. Nuts are costly but adding a few as paste can make heavy gravy dishes that are delicious.

Cuisines prepared using gram flour and curd are nutritious too. The only thing people need is to add to the flavor and that is possible by tempering with mustard seeds, curry leaves, powdered spices, cumin seeds and red dry chillies. Rather than crying over instant surge, which literally upsets household budgets, efforts of the populace should be on how to let each member of the family get nourishment. As per lately observed trend, prices of goods slowly decline but may take a month or two. But for that span of time, some effective ideas should be in pocket to cleverly fight price rises.

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