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Why is Intant Noodle so Important in Life?

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Why is Intant Noodle so Important in Life?

November 19
10:34 2015

noodlesNew Delhi, Thursday, November 19 – Faces of noodles’ lovers were flaunting  a broad smile post seeing their favorite Maggi on the shelves again. The ban has been lifted from the product and people are making sure to cook the same with a mix of vegetables at home as early as possible.

Buying of Maggi in bulk by several populace shows that they were keen to taste the same old flavor what they didn’t get to taste in the last few months. It is a different topic to discuss that FSSAI moves Supreme Court against lifting ban on Maggi. Besides this, atta noodles launched by Ramdev, the yoga guru, are in news these days. One question that catches attention at this stage is why is it too important to gorge on noodles when several healthy options are available in the market at an affordable amount.

Here is to remind that high levels of lead and monosodium glutamate (MSG) were found in Maggi, making Nestle Maggi get banned in different states. Less selling of the product certainly appeared as a big problem for the company and a ban in later stages not only surprised it but also Maggi lovers, who used to discuss a number of problems and share great moments with family over a hot plate of noodles.

On one side, more than a few people continue to blame soaring rates of kitchen staples and even compromise on the quantity. While on the other hand, spending INR 12 or more to get a few grams of noodles seem worth despite the fact that this much amount isn’t adequate to feed more than three people, except when one is ready to share. If we buy flour of the same total, it is probable to nourish some more eaters.

Since Maggi is back in action, it is likely to make canteen area look beautiful in yellow color packing. College students are all set to enjoy their break time with Maggi and cold-drink, coffee or tea. It is certainly our choice what kind of products we include in our diet but we need to think can’t we lead our lives having least amount of fast foods and let unwanted illnesses to stay at bay. As per latest available reports, vegetables are best to eat to lead a healthy lifestyle. Still most of us deny including the same in good share.

Why not to give our breakfast an interesting twist by hiding much loved leafy greens as a paste or sauce in more way that one so that body could get desired nutrition. Maybe, Maggi and other instant noodles aren’t perilous for health, yet homemakers must try to focus on giving their kids something from a whole mound of ingredients that are wholesome and nourishing. Then only expecting them to stay energetic can be called right. Sit for a while and think whether survival on just noodles is interesting or having it for once or twice in a month in order to change the taste is a better option. Your mind will speak the right answer for you.

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