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Stay Positive to Avoid Mood Swings

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Stay Positive to Avoid Mood Swings

January 19
13:13 2016

mood swingsNew Delhi, Tuesday, January 19 – Life is full of uncertainties. A few things make life moving smoothly while some let people feel it is going on rough patches. Carrying a big smile on the face is never easy.

If truth be told then only kids flaunt a priceless smile as pressure on them at this young age is nil. One can learn a lot from toddlers who smile for no reason and try to experiment with each thing they have in hand.

We as a kid must have learned how to make things work, beating all odds. Despite facing failures, most of us must have risen to make our lives beautiful. Defeats introduce frustration in life but it is also true that these will come in path when goals are big.

Those who give up post facing defeats while accomplishing a task without reevaluating the areas that need improvement should blame no one else but themselves for being at the back foot. It is the attitude towards task or responsibility that makes us feel successful or failed.

Mood swings are common in life when frustration level goes up. These are observed even over minor issues, which do not need that much attention what people usually give unnecessarily. Repetitive change in mood must be treated as early as possible before life becomes hell. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that majority is busy without no reason today. None asked us to stay connected through social networking sites during bedtime.

The habit of sleeping with cell phones must be quit as early as possible. Not only youngsters but also a few elderly people go to sleep in the later hours after checking latest updates by their friends and comments and likes on posted pictures & albums. Lack of sleep makes them become bad-tempered. More to the point, they find to deal with life stressors a difficult task of all the time. Any tragedy in the family can also be one of the causes behind mood swings but signs of depression are often ignored by the patients and next of kin. Instead of being shy, it is necessary to be vocal about exact feelings to someone who knows you closely.

Mood swings increase thanks to extra work load in office as well. When it is not easy to escape from urgent or assigned work, it is pivotal to learn the tactics how to allot time for work on the basis of priority. Rather than pending your work for another day, focus should be poured on how daily chores can be finished within stipulated time frame. If work is done on the dot, unwanted stress doesn’t trap you soon after your arrival in the office premises next day. Those who doesn’t feel the importance of finishing allotted work on a daily basis show symptoms of getting annoyed over slightest issue than those who do it on time.

Different people observe mood swings at different stages. Freak-out moments of moms-to-be make them look crazy every now and then. Change in body and anxiety during pregnancy phases are the reasons behind observing such behavior in pregnant women. Some breathing exercises, meditation and yoga can help the combat stress-related mood and reduce the intensity and frequency of mood swings at this crucial stage of life. In fact, these methods are helpful for everyone. The positive approach is the key to beat the abrupt and unaccountable change of mood. Reading good books, novels and staying close to the people with optimistic attitude towards life can be helpful too. Before family and friends start to cut off because of unavoidable behavior of yours, it would be useful to do the needful and introduce positive change in lifestyle to stay content.

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