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Introducing ZHAOWEI’s Latest Drive Innovation: High Performance Gear Motor Series

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Introducing ZHAOWEI’s Latest Drive Innovation: High Performance Gear Motor Series

February 29
22:05 2024

As one of China’s leading micro-drive systems manufacturers, ZHAOWEI proudly launched its latest innovation: the High-performance Gear Motor Series. This new release includes the High Output Torque Brushed DC Motor Series and the High Transmission Speed Brushless Hollow Cup Motor Series.

Recognizing the limitations of traditional motors in terms of torque output and response speed, ZHAOWEI has optimized the performance of these motors at every stage—from initial design to research, development, and mass production. The result? Tailored drive system solutions that empower customers with unparalleled performance for their diverse applications.

– Boundless Power: Brushed DC Motors Revolutionizing Industrial Machinery

In the field of industrial machinery, logistics transportation, and robotics, the demand for robust and efficient drive solutions is paramount. Harnessing a unique winding design coupled with NdFeB magnets, ZHAOWEI’s newly-developed Brushed DC Motor Series boast unparalleled durability and power density. Unlike traditional motors, the innovative structure of these motors eliminates friction and wear between brushes, ensuring an extended service life.

Compact yet mighty, with diameters ranging from 19 mm to 24 mm, these motors deliver a maximum rated torque of up to 24 Nm, all within a limited space. Ideal for applications such as conveyor belts requiring continuous operation, ZHAOWEI’s Brushed DC Motor Series sets the standard for reliability and performance in industrial settings.

– Accelerating Transmission: Brushless Hollow Cup Motors Redefining  Medical Surgical Robots

Compared with conventional motor designs, the hollow cup motor within ZHAOWEI’s Brushless Hollow Cup Motor Series boasts a distinctive feature: the absence of a rotor core. This absence translates to a lighter rotating weight, enabling these motor to achieve remarkable output speeds. This kind of highly-dynamic product is suitable for applications such as surgical robot arms where swift and precise movements are essential.

ZHAOWEI’s Brushless Hollow Cup Motors excel in delivering precise positioning and speed control. Tested by ZHAOWEI’s gearboxes transmission laboratory, these motors can reach staggering transmission speed of up to 46800 rpm. Moreover, low-noise motor is another field in which ZHAOWEI’s expertise lies. The compact structure of the Brushless Hollow Cup Motors minimizes operational vibrations, ensuring quieter performance.

In addition to the outstanding performance in the field of industry and medical, ZHAOWEI is actively broadening the scope of its product series to cater to a diverse range of industries, including smart home, smart automotive, and smart consumer electronics.

With over two decades of experience in the field of micro drive, ZHAOWEI’s expertise not only lies in providing a wide option of high-performance motors but also in developing tailored drive systems for clients’ applications. In the future, ZHAOWEI will continue to strive to upgrade high-quality motor series to serve the sustainable development of the industries.

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