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Cast Your Vote and Let the Best Party Win

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Cast Your Vote and Let the Best Party Win

November 19
10:06 2013

voteTuesday, November 19 – Second phase of voting started in Chhattisgarh on Tuesday. Several people anyhow managed to take out time from their busy schedules to vote in the favor of their favorite parties, but still a few chose sitting at home, protecting themselves from wintry air. Candidates of various parties, including Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress, left no stone unturned to impress voters of different classes and groups, bragging about their achievements and blaming the opposition members by highlighting the drawbacks of having them as a ruling party.

Many of us do not utilize our power & right to vote though knowing advantages of casting vote. Before every election, the crowd is made aware how to get their names registered in the list of voting. However, just a small number of people take the pain of registering himself and his family members in that list. But most surprising is to observe that after getting their names in voter list facing much trouble, they step back when it comes over casting the vote during the elections. Nevertheless, it would not be correct to blame every individual about this as a lot of citizens try to cast their votes, no matter, whatever the condition remains on the day of voting.

More to the point, one fact can’t be ignored that people have turned a lot cautious than before. They are perfectly aware what is right and wrong for them. Prior to casting their valuable votes, they do not forget discussing about best candidatures from various constituencies. Keeping in mind all pros and cons, votes are given in the favor of desired parties or party candidates.

General elections of 2014 indicate about a major change in the futures. Path for Congress to win election has become more difficult as it failed many times to curb the inflated rates of various domestic products. Beside this, it was even unsuccessful in having a control over rising petrol, diesel and LPG gas cylinder prices. The conscious mob has computed all the sufferings they have faced under the governance of Congress and would surely let the party face its ill effects in the coming year.

Road to success is not easy for Bharatiya Janata Party as well and it is because, rather than highlighting about their achievements, party people are busy in leg pulling of its opposition. The blame game is already on between the Congress and BJP but they need to know that too much time is not remaining to identify who will lead in 2012 as far as voting is concerned.

Delhi residents are shown a good dream of having a clean politics by Aam Aadmi Party, which is led by its chief Arvind Kejriwal. The party’s political symbol ‘Broom’ signifies to remove dirt from politics and Delhi. The party has been in news from past couple of weeks regarding a row over AAP’s funding and a reportedly rift between Kejriwal and Anna Hazare.

Undoubtedly, voters would conclude every positive and negative point of various political parties and elect the best among them which is possible just via casting votes. It has been noticed that youngsters and first time voters are extremely enthusiastic about elections and voting. It is undeniably due to the feel that their votes will play vital role in bringing noticeable change in life. The main factors they take into account while voting are education facilities in India or abroad, status of inflation, development of several areas & locations and health & security measures. This gesture is absolutely praise worthy as youth seems eager to know everything good and bad for their future.

Breaking all the barriers, women have also come out from the house to vote, keeping aside household chores. Their votes are of great importance since bulk of vote in the favor of a particular party can change its entire fate. No matter you belong to men or women populace, come forward and become an intellectual voter. Cast your precious vote and let the best party win which can impart major role in bringing comfort in the life of common man.

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